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Small cities of character: an asset for Riverie

The commune of RIVERIE has been approved by the Small Towns of Character network since spring 2017.

The concept of Small Towns of Character was born in the mid-1970s to enhance atypical municipalities, both rural by their location, their limited population, and urban by their history and heritage. These cities, formerly administrative, political, religious, commercial, military centers,… often saw their urban functions reduced after the administrative and industrial revolutions of France. They lost a large part of their urban functions, and found themselves without the population and the financial means to maintain this heritage.


The project of the Small Cities of Character ® is to federate in these communes the various actors around a goal: the safeguard of the inheritance like lever of development of the territories. The action of our Small Towns of Character network is first of all to support elected officials who wish to reconcile the development of their municipality while respecting the heritage .

In compliance with the National Quality Charter to which it refers, the homologation commission which selects and controls the Small Cities of Character ® is above all a tour de table which is held all three years or every five years during which different actors meet (STAP, DRAC, CAUE, Regional Council, General Council, culture actors, tourism actors, …) around the heritage project of the town. We are in a support process, not in the qualification of a successful approach .

And to improve their influence, the “Small Cities of Character ® ” highlight their specificities. They promote alternative and personalized forms of reception, while contributing to the dynamics of the network. All of them give themselves the missions of safeguarding, restoring, maintaining their heritage, of enhancing it, animating it and promoting it to the inhabitants and visitors in order to participate in the economic development of the territories and to make the brand Small Cities of Character < sup> ® a quality and attractive tourist brand.

Learn more by clicking on the website of: http://www.petitescitesdecaractere.com

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Small sides with character

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