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Walk and hike

The Monts du Lyonnais is an ideal place for these activities.

Here, you can find many strolls that will allow you to discover this wonderful region though various routes.

Most of the hikes can be done with children and do not require any specific physical condition.

We can provide you with extracts from an Ordnance Survey map showing the different routes that will allow achieving these hikes in the best conditions of pleasure and safety.

Routes go through Sainte Catherine then Soleymieux (where Saint Jean-Pierre Néel was born) to arrive to the ‘Signal de Saint André la Côte’ (where Cassini set up an observation point to create the first map of Lyon between 1758 and 1761 by triangulation. See Cassini’s map.), then back to Riverie through the long-distance path of the ‘GR7’.

A film was shot in Rieverie’s village with Yves Paccalet :